Loona Hardware Features – Heardware Usage

2.4 inch LCD display which can display Expressions prompts graffiti Etc Power button is on the back of Luna's Neck press and hold power button for Three seconds to power on Type c charging port is under power Button we recommend to use 5 volts 2A Adapter the full microphone arrays on Its head can locate The Sound Source and Identify the sound position hello Luna Speakers on the back of Luna's head Which is where lona's voice comes from Touch sensor is located on the top of Luna's head touch Luna's head for Interactions the camera below the screen Can capture moving objects such as Recognizing faces human body gestures Etc The 3G top camera can detect Environmental obstacles and help them Avoid obstacles and planned routes The ears waste and rear wheels are Controlled by six independent Servo Motors which can make the movement more Flexible

Hi, I'm Loona!

With Loona App, you can have an exciting game of bullfighting with her using the official red cloth props. Whoo! Watch out, she's not kidding!

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