Meet Loona – Japan

This is your robot this is your pet this Is your Pet bar Luna Luna Nah this is your pet box [Music] This is Luna she's gonna be your new Best friend well Luna wakes up she Stretches and sneezes you know like a Pet Then she hears the door opening it's you Luna is excited and comes Ronnie to Greet you better on the head She loves that As you walk around Luna takes a lot and No matter where she's at just And she'll come running Luna is an incredible pet who just Happens to be a robot Luna she's very well trained now listens To both turn around and gesture commands [Music] And wherever she feels she'll let you Know with her eyes ears and legs wanna Play Luna loves to play [Music] She's incredible at trivia And she loves to fetch a ball Oh [Music] Where's the ball where's the ball Luna Go grab it [Music] She's also a master laser light chaser

I'm Gonna Catch You laser light [Music] And so much more Oh [Music] [Music] Worried about your home when you're away Want your pet to have a friend when You're not home [Music] Or just want some communication from Afar your new best friend got your back I'll be home at six Luna always wants to Learn new tricks with a simple drag and Drop based on Google blockly you can Teach Luna to do anything you can Imagine So this is Luna she's friendly super Cute and super playful everything he can Ask for in a best friend or better yet a New family member Ah the day is done Luna is ready to go To sleep next to you tomorrow she'll Wake up with you [Music]

Hi, I'm Loona!

With Loona App, you can have an exciting game of bullfighting with her using the official red cloth props. Whoo! Watch out, she's not kidding!

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