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Top New Tron Toys for 2010

Are you looking for the hottest toys based on the new Tron movie? You’re not alone. We have a great look at the top Tron toys in 2010.

LEGO’s New Harry Potter Sets – Just in Time for Holiday Shopping!

Lego is selling 6 new Harry Potter LEGO sets, just in time for the release of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows – Part 1” on November 19th. Be prepared for your kids adding these items to their Christmas lists. Enjoy double the fun of building these amazing LEGO sets and then watching your child use their imagination as they re-enact the Harry Potter stories. Be sure to purchase or order your selection early because once the new movie is released and the holiday rush is on these sets will be very hard to find.

Barbie Holiday Doll 2010 – Is The Christmas Barbie Worth Getting This Year?

Before the introduction of the Barbie doll fifty years ago, children played with dolls that looked like infants. Its makers – Mattel, if you have been living under a rock the past few years – determined that little girls also wanted to play with dolls that resembled adults and, thus, can be played in various fashion roles. The Barbie Holiday Doll 2010 continues that tradition.

Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 – Is This Better Than The Mindstorms NXT 1.0 Version?

If you have the money and the passion for building Lego robots, then the Mindstorms NXT 2.0 is the best investment in a collectible toy that you can make today. At approximately $280 exclusive of shipping and handling fees, you will find that the price is well worth the features available with this latest do-it-yourself robot from the world-famous building block brand. Read on to learn more…

The Power Wheels Barbie Ford Mustang – The Barbie Fans Ultimate Car

The Barbie Ford Mustang couldn’t be more realistic both outside and in. Outside, it has a classy looking rear spoiler and a stylish pony grill and fog lamps on the front. You will note it boasts chrome like wheels and additional chrome accents throughout. Inside, is just as impressive with it’s tan coloured, adjustable, bucket style seats, Barbie pink seat belts, cup holders and a radio with equalizer lights which plays pre-recorded music for driving along to!

Where to Buy Mickey Dance Star at a Low Price

Are you looking to purchase the Mickey Dance Star by Fisher-Price? I am about to tell you where you can get this amazing toy at a low price, but first would like to share with you some more information on what makes this product a goodie for your child.

Buy One of These for Your Kids Today

A teddy bear has always been a favorite with all kids. These cute toys are very soft and cuddly and kids love to play with them as well as sleep with them by their side. These have always been available in most toys stores as they are one of the best sellers. You can now buy these cute teddy bears online. These online stores and websites have a huge variety of designs and styles which you could choose from. They have discounts and schemes through the year so you can buy these toys at very affordable rates. The best time to buy these teddy bears is the festive season. This is because these stores have the highest discounts during this time.

Barbie Dolls: Made in USA

One of the most beloved discoveries made in the USA was the Barbie Doll. Children from all ages are known to own, at least ONE of these dolls. Mattel had launched the doll way back in March 1959.

Toddler Toys for Young Minds and Bodies

Buying toys for toddlers can bring back a lot of fond memories because many of the toys haven’t changed much over the years. Toys that develop a toddler’s mind and body will always be popular gift ideas.

Dolls House Furniture – Perfect For Stimulating Your Child’s Imagination

Dolls house furniture can instantly bring more happiness and joy to your little girl’s childhood years. Other than being able to play with her own doll, your little girl will also love creating a home for her precious dolls. By collecting furniture and moving them around her doll house every now and then, she can make her first dream home come true.

How To Buy Your Child A Playhouse?

Imaginative play is one of the building blocks of strong society and is vitally important in your child’s development. We have put together a guide on how to choose one of the most popular imagination products on the market, playhouses.

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