Miko 3 Robot Review: Is it Worth the Hype?

Hello everyone it's Ali here from the Best products today I'm taking a look at The Mico 3 Robot a smart device aimed at Young children But is it worth it let's find out The first thing I have to say about the Mecco 3 is that it's a bit expensive but Considering it's a smart device that can Do many of the same things as your Alexa Or Google home it's not surprising The micro 3 has a front-facing screen a Speaker and a camera which allows it to Recognize your child for games and other Activities it's easy to set up and use With controls on the top of the device This robot is packed with deep learning AI that allows it to get to know your Child a little better every day this Means that the robot can respond to your Child's choices and preferences making It a truly personalized learning Experience One of the standout features of the Mecco 3 is its ability to play games Tell stories answer questions and even Dance with your child it can also play Hide and seek within a 2 meter radius And has Partnerships with Disney and Paramount for additional content through The mikomax subscription service The device has a high resolution IPS Display and a 2 megapixel camera as well As an object detection sensor and a Speaker and it runs for about six hours

On a single charge But Mako 3 isn't just a learning tool It's also a friend this robot has a Supportive personality and a sense of Empathy that allows it to connect with Your child on a personal level It's like having a friend in the house That's always there to listen and offer Support One of the biggest selling points of the Mako 3 Robot is its safety and Friendliness plus the easy to use parent App allowed you to control your child's Usage view security settings and Information and even make direct calls To the robot it's also designed to be Easy for children to use with a simple Interface and clear instructions Overall I think the Mako 3 is a great Device for young children it offers a Lot of fun and educational activities And its safety features give parents Peace of mind the only downside is the Price but if you're willing to pay for a High quality smart device for your child The Mako 3 is definitely worth Considering Thanks for watching and be sure to check Out our other unboxing and review videos [Music] [Music]

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