Mind control: is it possible? | Scientific breakthrough: an artificial brain like a human brain

Universal humanoid robots robot avatars New ways to train robots the epic Failure of Ian lacun's new artificial Intelligence system a military drone Capable of finding and destroying living Targets a new stage in mind control and A scientific breakthrough that will Create an artificial brain that works Like a human brain see all of the new And most interesting Tech in today's one Episode fasten your seatbelts Foreign Researchers at the UC Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon school of computer Science have developed a robotic system That allows and that allows an Inexpensive small robot to ascend and Descend stairs with the stair height Nearly equal to its own height the robo Pass was also able to Traverse Stony Slippery and uneven terrain even in the Dark although the robot's gate often Looks ridiculous it adapts quickly and Tackles the difficult terrain relying on Its eyesight and a small onboard Computer the training took place in a Simulator where 4 000 robot clones were Used at once the new system bypasses the Mapping and planning stages and directly Uses Vision inputs to control the robot Taking into account feedback from its Body what the robot sees determines how It moves even researchers don't specify How the legs should move this technique

Allows the robot to react quickly to Oncoming terrain and navigate officially The speed of the simulation allowed the Robot to gain six years experience in a Single day the system stored the motor Skills learned during training in a Neural Network and researchers copied That into a real robot this approach not Only speeds up robot learning but it Also allows low-cost platforms to be Used for complex tasks In BIO Droid a startup dedicated to Developing fully immersive telepresence Technologies that create more of the Deep connection between humans and their Surroundings recently made headlines at The Anna Avatar xprize competition about Which we'll do a separate video coming Up soon now Engineers are running a Campaign on Kickstarter to fund the next Generation of telepresence robots Prometheus 2.0 is currently in the early Stages of development and is a humanoid Robotic body capable of reproducing its Users movements anywhere in the world And in real time in the future using an Entirely new prototype Avatar system With Advanced features currently under Development users will be able to Transfer their knowledge skills Movements and intentions to Prometheus 2.0 via an immersive platform and active Communication interface in other words The robot will be able to fully

Replicate your arm leg torso and head Movements while maintaining balance and Coordination and providing you with Complete data about what's happening Real time Imagine a robot that can feel everything A therapist feels when treating a Patient that can adjust the intensity of Rehabilitation exercises according to The patient's abilities and needs at the Time and can work for hours without Tiring it seems like science fiction and Yet researchers from the Free University Of Brussels and emmick have already Completed a prototype that combines all These skills into one robot the Researchers used artificial intelligence To control the robot and adjust the Level of assistance the robotic arm Itself is strong enough to control both Lower and upper Limbs and can perform Very complex and functional tasks and it Can be done for much longer than a human Therapist incidentally the robot was one Of five finalists for the Kuka Innovation award at the Medica fair in Dusseldorf Germany The open Dynamic robot initiative group Has introduced the Wasabi technology if You decipher the acronym it translates Into Russian it's the wasserstein's Simulated adversarial behavior and to Explain in simple terms Engineers have Taught the robot to learn highly Dynamic

Skills things like somersaults from Conventional to hand-to-hand Demonstrations basically the engineers Showed the system what movement they Wanted with their hands and the system Based on reinforcement learning taught That movement to the robot first in Simulation and then in reality how about That Elon Musk The sus Tech control in learning for Robotics and autonomy lab or clear for Short has released a demo video that Describes its work using a rather Amusing robot as an example clear is Developing new theoretical and Algorithmic tools that enable Advanced Applications in today's robots the field Of research is Broad ranging from Underwater robotics to bipedal robots The bot on the screen is designed as a Preliminary research platform for Humanoid robots it will soon be Supplemented with souls and upper limbs In the same video the lower limb Platform demonstrates its ability to Traverse rough terrain without an active Or passive ankle joint do you think There's too many humanoid robots out There so far let us know Foreign Space agency are developing plans for One of the most ambitious Ventures ever Undertaken in space to safely return the First Martian soil samples to Earth for

Detailed study test tubes containing the Samples are now being prepared by NASA's Perseverance Rover and scientists hope To use them to finally close the Question of whether life existed on the Red planet a mission to deliver the soil Is planned for 2027 when the Orbiter Will be launched and in 2028 when the Landing module will be launched the Sample return Landing module will land Near or in the gizero crater delivering A small rocket on which the samples will Be collected by perseverance two Ingenuity type helicopters will provide An additional opportunity to collect Samples from the surface of Mars once The sample cache is launched from the Red planet another spacecraft will Capture it in Mars orbit and then Deliver it to Earth in the mid-2030s by The way we told you about why people are So interested in Mars and whether we Could colonize it in the issue you can Find right here in the link We've already shown you sanctuary's Robot a versatile humanoid used by Developers to create the world's first Human intelligence and general purpose Robots however from the first video it Was not clear whether the robot performs Actions by itself or its control and now The Illusions are dispelled the robot is Remote controlled it can do nothing by Itself what a shame

NASA has finally launched its SLS lunar Rocket into space as part of the Artemis 1 Mission the rocket sent an unmanned Orion capsule to the moon and launched 10 cube satellites into orbit the SLS Upper stage successfully deployed nine Mini satellites while the 10th from Japanese agency jaxa appears to have Malfunctioned the cause of the Malfunction is not yet known on the Other hand all is well with Orion so far The capsule set off on a 25-day journey To the moon and back as part of a Mission that will prepare NASA to send Crews to the satellite the capsule Approached the moon at a distance of 130 Kilometers and turned on its engines to Enter retrograde orbit where it will Spend a week to test all systems and by Now Orion will be 432 thousand Kilometers away from Earth a record for Manned space and on just December 1st Another ignition sent the spacecraft Back to Earth and next week it's due to Drop on the Waters of the Pacific Ocean Agency officials said some things on Orion are not working as they imagined But overall the mission is proceeding as Planned The Canadian space agency is also Looking at the moon planning a mission To send a Rover to our satellite in 2026 To explore the polar region the mission Will demonstrate key Technologies and

Conduct major scientific exploration Objectives include collecting images and Surface data taking measurements and Testing the ability of designed Moon Rovers to survive a night on the moon Let's not forget that lunar nights which Last about 14 days on Earth are very Cold and dark posing serious problems For any technology so we wish them luck Israeli defense technology company elbit Systems has unveiled a lethal autonomous Suicide drone Thelonius is a Maneuverable racing quadcopter designed To Scout Map and classify targets using Artificial intelligence that can Detonate themselves when needed lanius Reaches its deployment point on a larger Mothership style drone the Drone has a Maximum takeoff weight of 1250 grams Including a lethal or non-lethal payload Of up to 150 grams the maximum flight Time is about 7 Minutes the drone on a Carbon fiber chassis is equipped with Numerous sensors and cameras as well as Nvidia's Jetson artificial intelligence System designed to rapidly interpret Fast-flowing data streams elbit's Legion X battle swarm Control software can Combine drones into a swarm for Autonomous missions indoors lanius Detects and marks objects such as doors And windows closed or open People Hostile or friendly armed or unarmed When an armed threat is detected it

Offers its operator the opportunity to Hit the target to manufacturers Emphasize that the the Drone will only Attack at the operator's command and Will not do any killing on its own we Hope An international team of scientists from The Netherlands Ireland and the US has Introduced a new type of organic Material that learns from its past this Potentially paves the way for Neuromorphic molecular computers the new Material is a molecular layer 2nm thick 50 000 times thinner than human hair That remembers the history of the Electrons that pass through it in Essence it's a dynamic molecular switch That mimics asymptic Behavior capable of Replacing traditional silicone digital Switches because such organic systems Have all the logic functions required For deep learning they could be used to Create an unconventional Computing Machine made up of atoms and molecules That would work like a human brain If Scientists succeed in realizing this Idea albeit on the horizon 5 to 15 years It would be a breakthrough in technology And would make it possible to create a Fully fledged artificial brain what do You think this breakthrough will bring To humanity let us know in the comments Another group of scientists this time From the UK Germany Italy U.S and

Switzerland presented work in which a Paralyzed man controlled his chair with His mind he was able to navigate a route In a room with equipment and Furniture In a regular Hospital participants in The experiment imagined moving their Arms or legs and the chair turned to the Right or left depending on the signal Given the control occurred through the Connection between a computer Behind the Chair and an EEG helmet on the Participant's head And neurobiologist from California Institute of Technology have introduced A neuro implant that can translate the Mental speech of a paralyzed person into Real speech and writing there's already Devices that allow paralyzed people to Move a mouse or cursor and read their Eye movements but a neural implant that Directly reads thoughts formed into Coherent speech is a huge Advance Electrodes implanted in part of the Brain responsible for speech recognize Neural signals and turn text into speech To a computer program tests have shown The device is able to accurately predict Which of eight word choices the Paralyzed patient below the neck is Thinking of and so far the device has Been able to decipher more than 1100 Words Developers from a company that cannot be Named have unveiled a demo version of a

Large language model called Galactica Which was supposed to store combine and Analyze scientific knowledge however Something went wrong and as the MIT tech Review noted tests showed that a neural Network can generate more or less Plausible nonsense big language models Learn how to create text or generate Speech for robots by analyzing millions Of examples including those from the Internet they understand the statistical Relationship between words but that Doesn't mean they can also understand The meaning of text they create such as The case with Galactica it was set up to Analyze Mankind's scientific knowledge Base and use it to write new scientific Articles on given topics and promoted by Users who could easily produce Scientific treaties on racism sexism or For instance the benefits of eating Broken glass moreover when riding on Well-known scientific facts Galactica Could add little bits of nonsense that Only a real scientist with deep Knowledge of the subject would be able To uncover in the end after in the Public domain for only two days the Neural network was shut down by the Developers Archer unveiled a production version of The EV tall midnight quadcopter which Can reach 240 kilometers per hour and Travel 160 kilometers on a single charge

The operating altitude of the aircraft Is around 600 meters the developers Claim that the flying taxi can shuttle Virtually silently between Landings of The rooftops and City buildings without Disturbing residents or dealing with Traffic and all of this for the price of An Uber theoretically an aerotaxi would Have to cover an average distance of About 30 kilometers per flight and be Recharged after every two flights for 10 Minutes however the flights won't start Till 2025 which is how long it takes to Get to all the red tape for permits The British have used robots AI Technology virtual reality digital Doubles and 3D printing to build tunnels And hard rock without humans hyper Tunnel demonstrated the first results a Six meter tunnel with a 2 meter diameter In October of this year robotic Technology speeds up the traditional Construction process by more than 10 Times and at half the cost of the work The system works like this several Hyperbot robots go underground through Special plastic pipes remove the Rock And fill the voids with 3D printed Mortar according to the digital design Of the site and this is how the walls of The tunnel are formed and then all That's left is to remove the soil from The Middle What do you think robots will be useful

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