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An international team of scientists from The Netherlands Ireland and the U.S has Introduced a new type of organic Material that learns from its past this Potentially paves the way for Neuromorphic molecular computers the new Material is a molecular layer 2nm thick 50 000 times thinner than human hair That remembers the history of the Electrons that pass through it in Essence it's a dynamic molecular switch That mimics asymptic Behavior capable of Replacing traditional silicone digital Switches because such organic systems Have all the logic functions required For deep learning they could be used to Create an unconventional Computing Machine made above atoms and molecules That would work like a human brain If Scientists succeed in realizing this Idea albeit on the horizon 5 to 15 years It would be a breakthrough in technology And would make it possible to create a Fully fledged artificial brain what do You think this breakthrough will bring To humanity let us know in the comments

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