PS4 Final Fantasy VII Remake Console Unboxing + #FFVIIR Sony Wearable Neck Speaker

Calico Critters Townhouse Review

Calico critters houses are now one of the best doll houses that many little girls would like to have. There are actually many house designs available, but at this time, Calico Critters townhouse is getting quite the attention because of the recent Toys-r-us Top christmas toys list.

RC Boats

RC boats have been around as long as I can remember, just like the teddy bear. When I was a young boy, one toy that I always wanted was an r/c boat because they were every boy’s ideal toy. There are many different styles, colors and speeds which person’s price range.

Board Games For Christmas

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? Christmas is quickly approaching sooner than we expected. For it’s a time of giving. The idea is to contribute more. And with that, children are anxiously awaiting for gifts, writing a wish list to Santa.

Review of the Wild Safari Dinos Apatosaurus Model

Safari, the manufacturers of models and quality replica figures has had Apatosaurus represented in their dinosaur themed model ranges since the concept of a series of models based on prehistoric animals was first put to this American company by their design team. Over the years, as the scientific interpretation of the fossil evidence has changed, so the Apatosaurus models made by Safari have altered too. The new Wild Safari Dinos Apatosaurus, launched in 2010, builds on this reputation and depicts this long-necked Sauropod as a very different animal compared to the models introduced in the late 1980s.

Several Toys for Kids

This article talks about the most common toys that kids love to play nowadays. As technology advances, toys do change too.

The Essence of Real Friendship

This article talks about the meaning of real friendship and its foundation. It is very rare to meet a person without having a single friend because friendship is a fundamental relationship in our daily lives.

Strider Sports Running Bike – Get The Strider Running Bike For A Steal

Are you looking for a Strider Sports Running Bike on sale or at a great discount? Many people are searching for balance bikes for great prices, but there are so many different stores out there selling these bikes. Where does one start?

Review of the Wild Safari Dinos Rhamphorhynchus Model

A classic prehistoric animal model comes back. Great to welcome the Rhamphorhynchus model from Safari Ltd, the last time I owned a Rhamphorhynchus replica was as a boy when I received the Aurora Jungle Swamp kit, also designed by an American based company. The detail in this model is wonderful, even down to the splayed out teeth in the jaws. Rhamphorhynchoids are often overlooked by model manufacturers so it is pleasing to see this long-tailed Pterosaur added to the Wild Safari Dinos model series.

Stinky the Garbage Truck – Christmas Gifts for Boys 2010

I know Christmas is still a little while away but toy shops are already releasing their predicted lists on what will be this years most wanted toys for Christmas 2010. As it stands there are a few toys which seem to be on all of the UK retailers list which include the new Stinky the Garbage Truck from Matchbox. Matchbox gave us Rocky the Robot last year who had every single one of us trying to get hold of one!

Review of Wild Safari Dinos Coelacanth Model

The first really good quality model of the living fossil Coelacanth that we can remember in a very long time. A top quality replica of the bizarre lobe-finned fish that was thought extinct until one turned up in a fisherman’s net in 1938. This highly detailed model from Safari, part of the Wild Safari Dinos model series is an authentic model of this enigmatic creature from the ocean depths. It will take pride of place amongst the Safari Carnegie Dinosaur Collection, great to see a model of a Coelacanth of this quality.

LEGO Hogwarts Game – Is This The Perfect Lego Game?

The LEGO Hogwarts game is part of the world’s first collection of games that you play, change and build. Considered a challenging and fun game for kids and adults, it ranks as one of the bestselling games for 2010. So, let’s consider the question of whether this is the perfect Lego game.

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