Putting the Most VIRAL TikTok Gadgets to the Test: My Experience

As TikTok continues to dominate the social media scene, viral gadgets have become the latest craze on the platform. From phone grips to makeup organizers, every day there seems to be a new must-have gadget taking over our feeds. But, do these gadgets actually live up to the hype? Join me as I put the most viral TikTok gadgets to the test and share my first-hand experience with each one.

Putting the Most VIRAL TikTok Gadgets to the Test: My Experience


If you’re an avid social media user, you must have come across the newest trend on TikTok- testing the most viral gadgets. From waffle makers to soda can pumps, there are tonnes of gadgets that are raved about online. But are they worth all the hype? In this article, I’ll be sharing my experience with some of the most viral gadgets on TikTok to see if high views mean something is indeed good.

The Acrylic Laptop Holder Stuck to an Exercise Bike

First on the list was an acrylic laptop holder that is attached to an exercise bike. I followed the instructions, but it was still wobbly. It ended up being a 5 out of 10. The product was reasonably practical. However, the execution could’ve been better.

The Screen Cleaning Fluid that Made a Mess

Next, I tried a screen cleaning fluid with an industrial-sized 500mL bottle. Despite making a mess, this product got a 9 out of 10 ratings. The cleaning solution’s result was brilliant, but it could have been better inside the bottle.

The Marvelous Space-Saving Gadget that Consumed More Space

Then I tried a strange wardrobe gadget that promised to save space. In reality, it consumes more vertical space when installed. Despite this, the product got a 9 out of 10 ratings. I was pleasantly surprised because I didn’t expect that to be the case.

The Vertical Waffle Maker, Cocktail Glass, and Soda Can Pump

I tested a vertical waffle maker, a cocktail glass that stirs and tells you the next ingredient, and a soda can pump that prevents your drink from going flat. The latter worked well and had long-term results. However, the vertical waffle maker should have been designed with more useful features and a better configuration.

The Vegetable Slicer’s Time-Saving Features

Next in line was a vegetable slicer that promises to deliver perfectly sliced vegetables. While it was a fantastic time-saver, it still didn’t deliver perfectly sliced veggies, only getting a 6 out of 10 ratings.

The Gadget that Converts AAA Batteries into Size AA

Finally, I tried a gadget that converts AAA batteries into size AA. It was a nice substitute, but it only got a brief mention.

After all the testing, it was evident that not all TikTok viral gadgets deliver on what they promise. Some are fantastic, while others fall short of expectations.


  1. Are viral TikTok gadgets worth the investment?
  • It depends on the specific gadget. Some truly deliver on what they promise, while others fall short.
  1. Are the trendy gadgets on TikTok just for show?
  • Not all of them. Some are practical and useful, while others might be just for fun.
  1. Did any of the tested gadgets not work at all?
  • No, all the tested gadgets worked to some extent. However, some had better results than others.
  1. Can we trust TikTok gadget reviews?
  • It’s always best to take TikTok gadget reviews with a grain of salt and do some research on your own before investing in a product.
  1. Will you keep using any of the tested gadgets?
  • Yes, the soda can pump and the screen cleaning fluid got high ratings and are products that I’ll continue to use in the future.


In conclusion, testing TikTok gadgets was a fun and exciting experience that opened my eyes to the world of viral products. While some products were fantastic and worthy of the views, others fell short of expectations. It’s essential always to be critical when considering investing in trendy gadgets that may end up being dust collectors in the long run.

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