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[Music] Killer Robots have been abolished as has Human child bearing in the future this Will be entrusted to a robotic Factory Japan continues to surprise with its Attitude towards robots and seems about To become the country with the largest Number of robots in human daily life Robots will soon be able to feel heat Vibration or light touch thanks to Human-like skin so let's take a look at These examples and other high-tech news In today's one episode Killer Robots have been officially Canceled so far remember when we broke The news the San Francisco Police Department was allowed to use its robots As lethal Force if people were in danger After a public outcry City officials had To replay the whole thing remember it Also happened with the NYPD where they Were boasting about their new robot spot And only for surveillance people still Revolted in fear that this robot Apocalypse so the NYPD returned spot but Back to Boston Dynamics not to the Streets of New York but if the use of Killer Robots is indeed a controversial Policy what was wrong with spot who was Only supposed to do the surveillance and If the use of Killer Robots is that Controversial we get it but what's wrong With spot he was only supposed to survey The area conduct surveillance and even

Maybe help negotiate where do you think It's long overdue to use robots and keep People safe let us know in the comments There was a rather strange event in Japan it's a challenge for Sony's IBO Robot dogs called Two bows two claps one Bow to participate a lottery was held Among other robot dog owners to Participate a lottery was held among all Robot dog owners which there are three Years old and they chose 30 lucky Winners these lucky ones then gathered With their robot owners at the main the Temple of condom yoshin in Tokyo where Solemn service was held for them then There was a ceremonial photographing Followed by the test itself the test Consisted of giving robots commands and They had to execute autonomously the Timing was average but the surprising Thing is not this but how different the Attitude towards the robots in the Western world and in Asia Japan in General seems to be about to become the Country with the most robots in everyday Life and here's a couple examples Tokyo Midtown has launched a robot Service in its offices the Bots will Handle deliveries cleaning Transportation and other tasks testing Expansion and implementation of the Service in the offices will be completed By March of 2023 and then similar Robotic services will begin to be

Provided in stores and other commercial Facilities in Tokyo SoftBank recently unveiled a Collision-free multi-autonomous robot Control system designed for Implementation in cafes and restaurants The robots can collectively and Completely independently perform these Tasks things like cleaning up dirty Dishes delivering orders to the table Unloading orders on the table and more The same SoftBank is testing its robotic Raman vending machine ordering cooking And serving should be fully automated For now the staff is transferring the Ramen from the machine to Pepper a Humanoid robot who serves it but it's Only temporary and in the future this Task is going to go to a special robotic Arm human involvement will be limited to Loading ingredients but this function May soon also fall to robots as well For example robots from the tokyo-based Startup tell existence are already Working on Family Mart stores and the Machines called TX Cara or tele Existence selective compliance assembly Robot arm are largely autonomous According to the manufacturers they can Work without human assistance at 98 of The time and despite this they're Equipped with remote control Capabilities via a VR headset just in Case if their system fails the startup

Had previously introduced more Interestingly shaped robots but Apparently switched to a more simple yet Functional design to keep the cost down A couple of months ago there was a made Robot Cafe in a Tokyo neighborhood where Three anime style robots received and Served visitors this would have been an Experimental maziro project but many who Have been there are hoping for a Relaunch the robot mashiro was waiting For visitors at the entrance of the cafe Invited them to come inside or assigned A QR code to each visitor and Accompanied them to their table and the Bots chiro and chia served them Also recently Bandai Namco groups event Gundam project took place in Japan where Four life-sized statues were making a Parallel show in real time And at Japan's national museum of new Science and Innovation you can talk to The travel agent of the future a Humanoid robot with artificial Intelligence that won the dialogue robot Competition in 2022 timed at the Japanese World artificial intelligence Conference which we've told you about in Detail and you can watch that right here In the link That same Museum recently hosted an Exhibition of robots that played a role In history of Robotics in Japan the 130 Exhibits included the first humanoid

Robot created by Honda Motors called Hrp1 which the company introduced in 1999 and currently it can lift up to 10 Kilograms and walk at two kilometers per Hour Remote control robot TM suck 4 developed By TM suck in the same year of 99 the Posey robot from flower robotics whose Design in the form of a child is Supposed to make people cringe and pro Meets hrp2 robot developed by aist and Kawada Robotics back in 2003 it's Supposed to perform various tasks in Human environments right among people And the first IBO robot released by Sony Group in 1999 as well as many other very Interesting examples But the most surprising news of the week Came from somewhere you didn't quite Expect the German company Ecto life Unveiled a concept for a robotic baby Factory yes baby Factory the Ecto life Artificial womb facility involves Placing embryos in capsules that mimic a Womb and supplying the growing organism With everything it needs the lab will be Able to house and provide the necessary Substances hormones antibodies and Growth factors and 400 of these capsules Providing a birth rate of 30 000 babies And all without quote the difficult and Dangerous stage of pregnancy to ensure That the baby in the capsule develops Organically and forms emotional bonds

With the parents they'll be exposed to Classical music and the voices of the Parents as pluses of these Laboratories They call protection from infections and Constant monitoring of vital signs to Avoid physical defects and genetic Anomalies real-time data will be Displayed on a mobile app along with Real-time HD video of the fetus and the Ability to scroll through slow motion Clips of the baby's development from Embryo to nine months old to make sure Parents don't feel excluded from the Process they're offered a tactile suit With simulated baby kicks and a virtual Reality headset with a 360 degree camera That will allow them to view the world Through the baby's eyes the capsule with The baby can then be installed right at Home for the parents to be do you think There's a future for lab-grown babies Let us know in the comments Soon robots will be able to feel heat Vibration or light Strokes thanks to Human-like skin researchers at the University of Munich have announced this The robot skin they're creating is Modeled after human skin and it includes The following elements coin-sized Hexagonal skin cells each with a Microprocessor and sensors that measure Touch acceleration proximity and Temperature in addition to better Navigating the outside world robots will

Gain insight into their own external Shape with the skin also a team from the Technical University of Munich developed A system combining artificial skin with Control algorithms and used it to create The first autonomous humanoid robot with Full body artificial skin The U.S Hypersonic rocket successfully Passed flight tests according to the new Atlas publication so far the United States has lagged behind other countries When it comes to deploying missiles Capable of flying at speeds greater than Mach 5. Hypersonic flight is not just About very very high speed in fact there Are a number of technical hurdles that Must be gotten over and the developers Of the agm-138 rocket apparently got it Right as their maximum speed is 20 Mach This means new materials sensors and Avionics that can withstand heat thermal Stress and acceleration as well as Control systems that are much faster Than those used on supersonic Rockets And China is testing a Hypersonic Launching of space Rockets from a ramp Scientists have already successfully Tested the launch of the shuttle model Which developed a speed of 7 Mach However the size of the model was only a 180th scale for a fraction of a second The plane broke away from the carrier in The jf-12 Wind Tunnel researchers Believe that the full-size upper stage

Space plane weighing 90 tons will be Able to take off in just 8 seconds Powered by rocket engines this according To the authors of the work they believe Will significantly reduce the cost and Availability of flights in low earth Orbit Foreign The laboratory of reconfigurable Robotics is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and they've released a video Of its Landmark development Professor Jamie Pike's rrl team's design powers And builds unique interactive robotic Systems using new fabrication techniques And integration processes that push the Limits of mechanical properties their Soft reconfigurable and interactive These robots are well aware of their Environment and they're used widely in Wearable technology medical and Rehab Systems as well as personal robots so Congratulations to the lab and best Wishes for future success And a team of Engineers from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich presented a three-dimensional One-wheel cubely pendulum system that Can balance on its axis using a single Reaction Wheel to stabilize the system's Two angles of inclination using only one Reaction Wheel it was designed that Inertia in One Direction is higher than The other and by attaching two masses

Out from the center as a consequence the System moves faster in the Direction With less inertia and slower in the Direction with more inertia the Controller can exploit this property and Stabilize both directions simultaneously That's all for today subscribe to the Channel like this video and don't miss Any new episodes from the world of high Tech and if you haven't done it already Join us over on Instagram and be the First to know about all the news as it Drops

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