Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G Unboxing + Gameplay [Exynos variant]

Wood Vs Steel – Which Balance Bike Frame Should You Buy?

Wooden and steel frames are the most common frames that are found in balance bikes. The debate about whether you should buy a wooden or steel balance bike is discussed in detail in this article.

LEGO’s Are Still a Popular Toy

Buying a gift for a child can be very tricky when trying to decide what they would like or what will catch their interest. Gifts like LEGO’s can be a great way to develop a child’s imagination.

Lego Hogwarts Express – A Classic Meets A Neo-Classic

The classic construction toy, Lego, has been bringing the remarkable stories of Harry Potter to life for the last several years with a variety of specialized Lego sets based on the themes of Harry Potter Stories. One area for these specialized sets has been the Magical Locomotive, the Hogwarts Express. This scarlet engine is now emerging into it’s fourth version in a new set from Lego.

The Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters – The Zhu Zhu Pets For The Boys

In 2009 the Zhu Zhu Pets were one of the most successful toys of the year with everywhere selling out across the country by Christmas! This year in 2010 the Zhu Zhu Pets are back only this time they’ve grown up a bit and gotten tough. Named as one of the hottest and most popular toys for Christmas by almost all of the top retailers, 2010 sees the introduction to the Kung Zhu Battle Hamsters.

Toys for Kids – Let Your Kid Be Your Teacher

Children adore Lego cubes and making variety of shapes out of them, matching colors and attaching them to each other. Show interest in a different way, letting your kid know that toys for kids such as squinkies, are also a way they can teach others! Every child by the age of five is able to drink a glass of water by itself, draw an animal on paper or drive a robust but safe four wheels bike.

Baby Annabell Dolls Are So Popular With Girls

There is one specific type of toy, which all girls have owned at some point in their lives and that a doll. One of the biggest brand on the market at the moment for dolls in Baby Annabell. The Baby Annabell doll is so popular due to its realism and life like features which it has.

Friendship Bracelet Kits and Toy Cooking Sets – Great Toys For Girls

If you are looking for great toys for girls you will find that there is such an array to choose from that you may be a little overwhelmed by the choices. The best thing to do is to think about the type of toy that would be suitable for the age of the child and to take it from there.

Paper Jamz Guitars – Your Fast Track Ticket to Guitar Hero Heaven!

Have you ever wanted to be a rock god on the guitar without the years of pain and practice? Well now it’s totally possible with an innovative new toy called Paper Jamz. These sure fire hot Christmas toys are from a company called Wow Wee and come in the design of guitars, drums and amps. Let’s explore these awesome new Paper Jamz toys.

How to Play With Your Fin Fin Friend

Fin Fin Friends are the latest electronic pets created for your children. These cute and affordable fish come with their own play environment and they can be linked together for even more fun. Send your Fin Fin Friend down the slide and into the small water pool and watch them come to life with lights, sounds and plenty of fun.

MobiGo Touch Learning System

The MobiGo Touch Learning System was given to my son as a birthday gift on his fourth birthday by his grandparents. Amongst all the toys he received he claims that this is his favorite but then again he says the same for all his toys) He’s dubbed the toy his iPhone since he has been quite taken with mine. The MobiGo Touch with its QWERTY keyboard and touch screen was definitely a good pick for my geeky 4 year old.

Squinkies Gumball Surprise Playhouse

With Squinkies Gumball Surprise Playhouse you can now bring the fun and captivation of those gumball machines that kids love to your home. The sight of gumball machines in the mall or other places can perk up any kid and personally they take me back to my own childhood days. Now you can bring your own gumball machine home with Squinkies Surprise Playhouse.

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