The BRIGHTEST TORCH in the World!

This is a hundred Lumen torch all the Way to 100 000 Lumen tools to start with 100 lumens that's actually not bad at All I can see quite a lot from like 25 30 meters away now for 300 lumens it's Still a single LED but it's a higher Powered LED let's try this tiny little Thing oh wow that is noticeably brighter Oh the focusing is so cool this is a Thousand lumens it's powered by no less Than six double a batteries and has Three high power LEDs now this is where Things start getting exciting the Step Up from the last one is huge this thing Right here is 10 000 lumens look how Much it allows you to change that Focus This should be 10 times the last one If you focus it you can see every single Detail on whatever you focus it on but Now it's time for the Big Daddy 100 000 lumens this is powered by no less Than 18 high power LEDs so I've just Seen my neighbor recording me doing this He is not happy But he hasn't seen this yet three two One

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