The Most Extreme Vacuum Cleaner!

The river rock S8 Pro Ultra is the most Extreme vacuum cleaner I've ever owned So for starters it's with a vacuum from The front with not one but two rubber Rollers to pick everything up and a mop From behind the mop cleans and dries Itself using hot air it uses 3D Structured light projection to Understand its environment being able to Completely map out your floor plan to Clean more efficiently and even identify 42 different types of household objects So it knows how to clean around them the Thing even knows what kind of surface is On like for example when it finds a rug It'll identify it to lift up its mop so That it's not touching the rug and then Double up the power of the vacuum to Just be able to suck everything out of It you can schedule the robot so that Every time at a certain day it'll set Out to clean do the cleaning and then Just return to the dock all by itself And then this dock is probably the Coolest thing because it's not just for Charging it's got a dust bin where the Robot empties it's trash it's got a Dirty water container where it empties Its residue water and then a clean water Container where it can top itself up Again from

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