The most INTELLIGENT camera I’ve ever used.

The Vivo X90 pro has the most Intelligent camera you've ever seen for Starters you just tap this volume down Button and it uses its ultra high speed Shutter combined with motion detection Of the object you're shooting to Effectively pause time and capture any Moment clearly oh no you can miniaturize Things if it'll keep the center in Focus Blur the outsides of the frame and then Apply a number of subtler effects to Give the impression that the scene Itself is Tiny I love the different Portrait mode it has things like Zeiss Cine flare portrait which simulates that Light leak effect that you get from the Sun there's so many of these effects and Every single one is designed to recreate The style of shooting of a traditional Professional camera lens and now with The X90 you can also use these portrait Modes on the front camera but this is Where it gets really cool because Alongside the main chip that powers this Photo there's also a second chip the V2 Whose primary purpose is to take in data From these cameras and use AI to upgrade It which means you can find night scenes As dark as this and still end up with Shots like this without a tripod but What I think is the best bit is that This also applies to video and the Difference versus a lot of other phones Is absolutely astronomical

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