This Gadget can SAVE a BILLION lives 五

This Is The Life straw and I'm going to Use it to see if we can turn some of the Dirtiest water on the planet into Clean Safe drinking water so this is our level One dirty water which my team has Lovingly prepared for me Oh my gosh it's literally Crystal Clear Oh God [Music] From very slightly muddy taste time for Level two which is heaps of mud this Time and also algae so this straw is Basically just filled with a bunch of Really fine micro filters that can Apparently weed out 99.999 999 of bacteria It definitely smells and tastes a little Bit more like dirt but I am alive for Now level three is basically anything my Team could find one in three people Globally don't have access to Safe Drinking Water this straw can change a Lot of people's lives I promise this Isn't some kind of like optical illusion Look at the difference Tastes pretty bad it could save your Life

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