ThreeZero Premium Scale Optimus Prime Transformers Bumblebee Unboxing & Review

Justin Bieber Dolls – This Holiday’s Hottest Item

Born on March 1, 1994, Justin Drew Bieber is a Canadian pop and RnB singer. This talented 16 year old is not only a singer-songwriter, a musician and an actor but he is capable of playing several musical instruments such as the trumpet, percussion, the piano and the guitar. Despite being relatively new in the music industry, starting out only in 2008, this gifted musician has a number of awards under his belt ranging from MTV Video Music Awards, Teen Choice Awards and the recently concluded American Music Awards.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts – How To Make Your Own List of Top 10 Toys For Christmas 2010

Each year the search for the best Christmas gifts is on. This article shows you how I make my list of top 10 Christmas gifts for 2010. You can even have access to my list of top 10 toys for Christmas 2010.

Fisher-Price Laugh And Learn Learning Puppy – One Of the Hottest Toys This Season

It is a soft toy, unique in its own characters and features. It is also featured with music and lights. You can call it an educational toy filled with fun. It will teach your baby alphabets, numbers and a lot more. It is also able to sing songs, in this way, your kid will learn letters, alphabets, music, colors, parts of body and many more. It also teaches different games like Pat-a-Cake and Itsy-Bitsy Spider.

Imaginext Dragon World Fortress – A Good Choice For Your Child?

Thinking of buying the Imaginext Dragon World Fortress play set for your child this Christmas? Is it a wise choice, or should you spend your money elsewhere?

V Tech Toys

V Tech toys provide educational fun at its best. Whether your child is just starting out crawling, maybe taking their first steps, wanting their own camera or laptop or whatever stage they are at then there is a V Tech toy to suit. The V Tech toys to suit all ages.

Barbie Pink Dream 3 Story Dream Townhouse – A Perfect House For Barbie Lovers

The new Barbie Pink Dream 3 Story Dream Townhouse is definitely the dream toys when it comes to a house for the all-time most favorite of girls’ dolls, the Barbie. The Barbie doll house also equipped with lights and sounds. All in the entire new house is surely fantastic. Young girls will absolutely love this house for their Barbie to live in.

Syma S107 Helicopter Review

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a–no, it’s a helicopter. Introducing the smallest, newest, lightest remote control helicopter yet that may also be the most functional! Syma’s S107 3-Channel Co-axial RC Helicopter is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, yet impressive enough to keep us watching the skies.

Barbie Video Girl Doll Review

The new Barbie Video Girl doll includes a video camera, hidden inside her necklace. Your child can make movies, watch them, edit them and more. The doll is recommended for ages 6 and up and comes with editing software and a hot pink USB cable. Barbie Video girl is available in brunette, blond and African American.

The Zebra Stuffed Toy and The Great Migration

While the zebra stuffed toy looks very much like a horse, it shouldn’t be mistaken for one, because it’s a zebra! With it’s signature black and white body and short, stand-up mane, the zebra stuffed toy is really a lovely alternative to a horse stuffed animal and some might even argue, much more interesting to look at. Like the ‘famed’ wildebeest who make their annual migration across Africa’s Serengeti, plains zebra also migrate so they can find fresh land to graze on and water to drink. The Great Migration, as it is called, is essentially about how available grazing is, which in turn relies on how much rainfall there is.

Gorilla Stuffed Animals and Dian Fossey

The great thing about gorilla stuffed animals is that they’re big, bulky, and very huggable, just as plush toys should be. In her undergraduate work Dian Fossey studied as a veterinarian student, but went on to spend seven years in a Louisville, Kentucky hospital as the director of occupational therapy. She developed an interest in mountain gorillas and was very keen on seeing them in their natural habitat.

Bulldog Stuffed Animal and Profile of The English Bulldog Breed

While some people are not all that fond of bulldogs simply because of the snorting and heavy breathing they do thanks to their their pushed-in snout, still others can’t get enough of this adorable breed. Since having a bulldog is not always feasible, a bulldog stuffed animal is the next best thing; you get to have something that looks like the real thing without having to deal with all the care and expense that goes along with it. The early history of the English bulldog wasn’t a pleasant one – the breed was originally used for dog fighting and bull baiting. It’s believed the bulldog originated in the British Isles and because of the kind of ‘work’ it did, it was quite aggressive and not considered a companion animal.

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