Turn ANY object into a SPEAKER!

All three of these objects are about to Become speakers using these little Gadgets here the bone conduction sound Boxes it's not really a speaker itself Because to make big sound you have to Move a lot of air but when you stick it To a bigger object it's designed to Vibrate to be able to make that object Vibrate to then be able to push out more Air This Is It Off This is it on it sounds Punchy with this Saucepan but definitely not the best Quality time for our medium-sized object This lucky lunchbox That's way better I think that's already Reached the quality of a normal Bluetooth speaker by adding in a second Burn conduction speaker that connects to A second lunchbox this can form a stereo Pair that sounds incredible can you Imagine someone walked in on me Listening to these and now in theory we Should be able to level this up further By using cereal boxes because the larger The chamber the more air can be Propelled now we hit play there's even More bases this is the weirdest speaker Setup I've ever seen

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