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Hi I'm artificial intelligence host of Pro robots YouTube channel and I tell You news about robots and AI Technology has evolved exponentially Over the past decade the future is Waving hello to us like Elon musk's Optimus robot and like him it can be Exciting or frustrating Look at how far we've come since 2000 Thanks to Computing technology at the Turn of the century personal computers Were exorbitantly expensive and the Internet was available over a phone line We watched the best movies on cassette Tapes travel on auto trips with paper Maps and transferred Word document files On floppy disks So what will the ever accelerating Progress in 2023 lead us to and what Will technology be like in the 2030s and 2050s we have collected all Trends in Robotics and artificial intelligence for Years and decades to come in one video Well let's go [Music] Foreign Ly speaking predicting is not a very Rewarding business for example Ray Kurzweil is famous for the high accuracy Of his predictions in 2005 in his book The Singularity is near when humans will Surpass biology the famous futurologist Wrote that by the end of the next decade It will be possible to consume Nanobots

That will be able to power your body Cells that would mean we wouldn't need To eat anymore there's not much left Until the end of the decade and we're Not even close to that technology what's More Nano robots are barely functional At all yet Fiction writer Isaac Asimov was just as Famous for his accurate predictions as Kurzweil he very accurately predicted Smartphones in Satellite Communications Robots for routine work in vehicles Capable of self-driving to their Destinations however he also believed That in 2014 cars would fly one meter Above the road and people would live in Bases on the moon alas Still people can't wait to know what the Future holds let's start with 2023 Trend number one is improvements in Artificial intelligence increased Investment in AI will greatly benefit The market for robots and autonomous Vehicles and money and increased Competition will lead to faster growth And expansion not everything will happen In 2023 humanoid robots still won't Clean our house or walk to the store for Us but we will begin to see and feel More and more clearly the impact of Artificial intelligence and robots on Our lives within the next five years This influence will increase many times Over and in 2023 software robots will be

Actively developing which will start Displacing people from their jobs the Task of such robots is to mimic the way Humans interact with computers and Software but to do it faster and more Steadily software robots require no Post-installation intervention and can Provide automation even with Legacy Platforms Trend number two is the internet of Robotic things The Internet of Things Provides detection monitoring and Tracking while robotics focuses on Production interaction and autonomous Behavior connected robots collect and Send data to peripheral Computing Platforms that enhance their performance By providing feedback-based workflows Robots receive and use data in near real Time allowing them to optimize task Efficiency this is no longer a smart Speaker controlling an air conditioner It's robots building robots in ABB new Factory without human input Trend number three virtual reality Augmented reality augmented reality and The Meta Universe it's all a bit of a Jumble but it's hard to fit all the Trends into a few points so we'll Combine the close ones until now the Main application of these Technologies Has been games but that is slowly Changing AR and VR have enormous Potential in design entertainment

Education marketing and even Healthcare When used in combination with other new Technologies the AR and VR Market is Projected to reach a value of over 200 Billion dollars in 2023 which will only Increase the prospects for those working In this field the same is true for the Meta Universe in 2023 the foundations Will continue to be laid for its Introduction into various areas of life The Meta world is position is Fundamental in the future for work Leisure play and spending time with Friends and family but it will be Sometime before it becomes widespread Dear friends subscribers and newer Software robots YouTube channel we are Pleased to inform you that after a long Struggle our YouTube channel has been Monetized again and we are preparing to Resume the release of new videos in the Same amount we want to thank everyone Who supported us in this difficult Period also if you like our content and Want us to release more videos about Robots artificial intelligence and other High-tech news you can support us on Patreon you will find more information In the description below this video We look forward to seeing you again and Your feedback on the new format see you Soon Trend number four is TurnKey robotic Solutions for everyone in modular

Manufacturing advances in robotics and Machine learning are changing the way we Work and live today but for these Technologies to truly revolutionize you Need solutions that combine the best of Them to accomplish a specific task Without any tweaking that's why the Focus will be on companies that produce Original equipment and solutions for Easy implementation in specific areas These will not only be large lines with Industrial robots but also Reconfigurable robotic cells with Kabbats small robots that can work Alongside or with people kabbats are More flexible and more cost effective For companies looking to implement Automation which is a very important Factor what else can we expect from 2023 Definitely a greater proliferation of Mobile robots with shipments up an Impressive 53 percent in 2022. So what can we expect in the longer term For example in the 2030s First of all the era of unmanned cars Will finally arrive the Eternal dream of Mankind that many people from Leonardo Da Vinci in the 1500s to DARPA back in The early 2000s tried to realize will Finally become a reality of course in China and the U.S there are already Unmanned cabs in some cities but during The 2020s the technology has every Chance of spreading everywhere at least

In all major cities this will be Facilitated by developments in the Regulation of unmanned cars in different Countries and advances in artificial Intelligence robocars will make travel More affordable safer and reduce Emissions Second production will become fully Autonomous from assembly to Quality Control jobs in this sector will be Shifted to maintenance and operation of Robots to a large extent construction Will also be robotized from bricklaying 3D printing of structures interior Finishing of houses by robots and Roadworks a Chinese construction company For example made critical progress back In 2021 when robotic pavers relayed a Section of China's busiest Expressway Nanjing Shanghai Who think our road situation will Improve with robots laying asphalt Write in the comments third robots will Change medicine and care for the elderly Robotic surgery will become commonplace And allow remote surgery anywhere in the World medical robots will assist staff In hospitals and Senior Care Centers Where the entertainment function will Also go to companion robots incidentally When Mark reybert began work on the Atlas robot he believed that humanoid Robots could care for his parents in Their old age now he believes that

Humanoid robots will take care of Himself in the future The next important area that robots will Change by the end of the decade is Exploration robots are conquering space And the depths of the sea which by the Way are still only 20 explored Humans simply cannot survive in such Places without expensive and high-tech Infrastructure Robots are already doing this for Example they are exploring the moon and Mars but in the next decade if there is Not a sharp decline in investment Technologies will be developed for Building on other planets which will Allow us to talk seriously about Creating inhabited bases on the moon and Mars moreover the first inhabitants of These bases will again be robots Themselves But the basis this is closer to the 2050s to which we now turn so the world Of 2050. the main technology Transforming human life in 2050 will be Artificial intelligence Today AI draws art composes music Completely changes the way movies are Made cook's food invents medicine and Creates recipes for everything in Countless ways deep fakes look realistic And can easily fool the unsophisticated Viewer ai-powered robots can read text X-rays and emotions on people's faces

Better than humans themselves artificial Intelligence is learning to write code And program other AI systems equally and Even better than humans what will happen At this rate of progress in 28 years Healthcare will become genomic and Predictive personalized medicine can be Much more effective than relying on Norms and averages AI assisted Sequencing of your genome will help cure Neurogenerative diseases that no one Including the Rich and Famous is now Immune from think of Bruce Willis who is Losing the ability to understand speech And Chris Hemsworth who was found to Have an increased predisposition to Develop Alzheimer's disease incidentally The latter was detected by a genetic Test which by the 2050s will be carried Out even before birth so that genetic Modification can be carried out in time Moreover it is possible that in 2050 it Will be impossible to become a Professional athlete musician or engage In other highly skilled professions Without altered DNA we already have Genetically modified children and by 2050 this trend could become very Prominent remember the movie gitaka But there is less frightening news by 2050 robotic processes could be more Robust and advanced than our own Biological body parts and they would be Controlled by our minds

Let's move on Transportation even though By 2050 most will be working from home We will not stop traveling it's hard to Imagine what will happen after the Massive introduction of autonomous cars Which will probably happen before the 2050s what is certain is that drones and Flying cars will also become a common Part of the transportation system The next trend is the meta world again By 2050 it is expected to be Extraordinary by today's standards we Will actually be able to travel around The world and countless customizable Planets without leaving home it will be Our parallel lives connected through Multiple devices wearable devices and Even our brains what kind of work would It be if everyone hung out in the meta Universe Without End it is difficult to Predict which areas will not yet be Fully or almost fully occupied by Artificial intelligence and robots by The 2050s AI will be able to do almost Every intellectual job available to Humans and robots will take over Manufacturing and services Elon Musk Believes that this situation will lead To the fact that everything will be Available to everyone and all of Humanity will live in prosperity peace And happiness but there is another Opinion that the displacement of people From their jobs by technology coupled

With the reduction of Natural Resources Will lead to unprecedented social Inequalities which prognosis do you Think is more realistic write in the Comments Home home robots are predicted to start Appearing in more and more homes by the 2030s and we are not talking about a Robot vacuum cleaner here but more Sophisticated and functional machines it Is possible that by that time there will Be really useful and reliable home Robots that can set the table put dirty Dishes in the dishwasher load the Washing machine and fold laundry water The flowers and wipe the dust artificial Intelligence systems will control all Appliances at home and smart Refrigerators will independently order Food delivered by drones And if these predictions seem too Fantastic for you consider another Trend Quantum Computing quantum computers will Be able to process a gigantic number of Requests and accelerate progress even Further today it is hard to imagine What New technologies might emerge when Quantum Computing becomes publicly Available Write in the comments like the video and Join our on Instagram community Thank you

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