Unboxing ClicBot Starter Kit! Perhaps the Coolest Robot Ever! Customizable Modular STEM Robot!

Dance Star Mickey: One of the Most Popular Christmas Toys of 2011

Dance Star Mickey will be on the list of hot Christmas toys of 2011. This toy is a great way for kids to get off the couch to sing and dance. Children love Mickey Mouse, and parents will love seeing their kids moving and shaking to the two interactive games and six songs that come pre-installed in Dance Star Mickey.

Walkera V200D01

The Walkera V200D01 has a sleek design and comes teamed with an awesome looking transmitter. Overall the Walkera V200D01 is a good option for beginner to intermediate level pilots.

Personalized Kids Toys On A Budget

My kids reminded me a few weeks ago that this was September and that Christmas was only THREE months away. After I hyperventilated I realized I needed to get on the ball. I am known for giving the best gifts and this year couldn’t be any different.

Do Princess Dolls Present a Poor Body Image for Young Girls?

Fairy tales, and specifically, princesses are so influential to little girls all over the world. Today’s Barbie dolls and Disney Princess dolls have completely unrealistic body figures. If these dolls were to be real women they would tower over 7 feet tall and weigh about 100 pounds. Do these super human dolls influence how our young girls feel about their bodies? Shouldn’t manufacturers use this influence over little girls to create dolls that portray a more healthy, positive and realistic body image?

From Simulator to Flight Competition

Flying any remote control helicopter may seem quite simple to do. Just press the buttons and the helicopter will do as the pilot wants.

Star Wars Mighty Beanz – A Galaxy Of Fun For The Serious Collector

Star Wars Mighty Beanz are a fun collectible for any Star Wars fan. But consider yourself warned, collecting these simple small beans can become highly addictive.

Why Fijit Friends Could Be A Great Christmas Gift

Fijit Friends are the latest hot toy on the market. They will make a great Christmas gift for the little girl in your life. There are several different characters to collect and the smart toy can interact with the child, so that they can dance together and talk to each other.

Walkera 4G6S – Let’s Fly a Mini

This is a fun mini helicopter that Walkera has released. The Walkera 4G6S is one of these little wonders.

Christian Louboutin Barbie Shoes Are Simply Irresistible

If you consider yourself a fashionista chances are you own at least one pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. Shouldn’t your Barbie have the same privilege? Christian Louboutin Barbie shoes are for the serious collector.

A Review of the Collecta Flying Reptile Ornithocheirus Model

Equally as popular as the dinosaurs, in our experience, are those amazing flying reptiles known as the Pterosaurs (flying lizards). It is wonderful to see the Ornithocheirus genus represented by a model, the first that we know of produced by a mainstream model manufacturer. This impressive figure, with its black wings and skilfully reproduced crested jaws is bound to be a favourite amongst model collectors and prehistoric animal fans of all ages.

Starting a Great Hobby With a Walkera RC Helicopter

Flying Radio Controlled Helicopters is a fun and enjoyable hobby that many people enjoy all over the world. But if it’s not for you you might not think it’s very fun or enjoyable. It’s important to weigh the pro’s and the cons before you buy anything.

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