Unboxing Nintendo Game Boy Advance SP Toys “R” Us Pikachu Console

Lego Star Wars Toys

Lego toys, regardless of complexity or price, provide a well thought out, fun experience. For decades, Lego mastered the art of designing toys. The skill and experience are unmistakable. Star Wars toys from Lego are well manufactured as well. Lego toys are known for being sturdy, for surviving for years, even decades. It is not uncommon to have Lego play sets passed from generation to generation. Their Star Wars toys are no exception. Anybody can look at eBay auctions to see used Star Wars toys in great shape. Granted, some of them have collectible-like prices, but the point stands – Lego toys last for a long time.

Playmobil Large Pirate Ship

Playmobil toys come with lots of accessories, and the pirate ship is no exception. But you can also get additional accessories, like a pirate chest with treasures, or an Angry Pirate figure, additional pirate crew, a Pirate Captain. Naturally, kids can ask for a treasure transporter with a row boat. These accessories are available, even though it’s unlikely that kids will want them at first. The Large Pirate Ship is big and complex enough to keep kids occupied.

Bob The Builder Tool Belt: Keeping It All Together

For moms of fans of the TV show Bob the Builder one way of keeping all the tools your child is using, to act out the crews antics in the latest episode, is with a Bob the Builder tool belt. You’re probably aware of that but have you seen the all singing all dancing deluxe talking BTB tool belt yet?

Guidecraft Complete Kitchen Center Playset

Guidecraft Complete Kitchen Center Playset differs from the typical play kitchen. Instead of duplicating a typical kitchen layout where cabinets, stove, sinks, etc are built in a linear fashion, Guidecraft Complete Kitchen Center Playset allows 360 degree access – front, back and sides are all active play areas. You can access sink from the back, stove from the front. Shelves run along the sides of this Guidecraft play kitchen, and a toy microwave oven is built into the top of the kitchen unit. This layout is so different from other play kitchens. If space in the room is an issue, this Guidecraft play kitchen with circular layout could work out quite well. It has one more benefit – its natural wood finish. If you are buying a kitchen play set for a boy, the typical pink pastel color scheme might not be well received. Guidecraft’s natural wooden color is not only gender neutral, but it looks good too.

Kung Zhu Pets Battle Arena

Kung Zhu pets are an aggressive reincarnation of the mild Zhu Zhu pets from last year. They are aggressive, battle ready warrior hamsters. Actually, the are peaceful and quiet until they undergo training in a special Ninja or Special Forces camp (or you can swipe a special key card that comes with various packages). As you probably surmised, there are two teams – the Ninja warriors an the Special Forces hamsters. When they get their training, their personalities change and they become aggressive warriors.

Barbie Pink Glamour Camper

Barbie Pink Glamour Camper is fully equipped for camping adventures. A pink pop-out tent with glam chandelier will keep her in style when stopping at a campground. Barbie has a fold out bed, and a matching sleeping bag. She can listen, and so can your child, to the sounds of music, or chirping crickets. Flushing toilet lets you know the plumbing in the pink Barbie camper is working just fine. Barbie Pink Glamour Camper moves on four wheel, but when at a camp ground, it folds out for fun and comfort.

Bob The Builder Party Ideas For Games To Play

It’s OK organizing a Bob the Builder party for your young one, inviting his mates over, putting on some food and a few soft drinks, but boys being boys they will want to let off a little steam from time to time. Here’s a few of my Bob the Builder party ideas for games to play at your child’s construction birthday bash.

Playmobil African Wild Life

Playmobil African Wild Life offers everyone, both young and old, an opportunity to experience the exotic African animals. The center of the African wildlife world is the Playmobil Wildlife Care Station. Kids can care for a wounded baby giraffe, have two rangers help them in dealing with other animals, rearrange the Care Station as they see fit. The play sets comes with plenty of figures, animals, and accessories. As all Playmobil toys, the Wildlife Care Station is designed to encourage children to use their imagination to create games and adventures that go beyond the basic toy.

The Types Of Last Minute Christmas Shoppers

If you are like the majority of people, you leave your Christmas shopping until the last possible minute, because you have procrastinated, which makes the job of buying the top toys for Christmas a lot harder. You may also have a legitimate reason for your lateness or are late intentionally because you like the rush off adrenaline that you get when you have only a limited amount of time. This article explores three types of last-minute shoppers.

Calico Critters Townhome – A Charming Townhome for Your Child’s Calico Critters

The Calico Critters Townhome is a small but imaginative house for a Calico Critters toy family. Who are these critters? They include cats, dogs, bunnies, mice, and frogs amongst others. They were first introduced in 1984 and are now extremely popular for kids 3 and older. This townhome has everything a Calico Critters family needs to make a to make a nice house a family home. There are 4 or 5 rooms and a yard to play in.

LEGO Minotaurus Game

Hidden deep inside a labyrinth, the mythical Minotaur protects a secret temple. To win, you have to be the first to lead your heroes to the temple, avoiding the Minotaur and skillfully placing walls to block the path of your opponents. Rules are simple and straightforward. The basic game plays fast, and often can be completed in 30 minutes – a benefit if your child considers sitting in one spot for more than a few minutes to be a form of torture. Minotaurus also happens to be another in the series of Lego games that encourage players to alter the game board and game rules.

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