Unboxing the Most Expensive Samsung Phone EVER.

I just bought Samsung secret most Expensive smartphone ever but not just That I've actually managed to get eight Of the most fascinating hard to find Smartphones on the planet so let's go From cheapest to most expensive starting Off at just 350 with the Techno camera 19 Pro montrean Edition a smartphone That changes color it's been made to Honor PA Mondrian an artist who is a bit Of a Trailblazer in the abstract space And it does that using polychromatic Photo isomer technology which means that Its bonds are designed to break when Exposed to the UV found in sunlight to Change the way it expresses color to Resemble the type of art that he used to Make but we're going to take things up a Notch with number seven the 500 Naruto Phone and it's already pretty staggering I mean how many phones arrived to you in An actual scroll which if you've seen The Naruto anime you'll know contains The wisdom of the Ninjas it's got felt On the inside that is delightful and Then inside the scroll is where the Phone rests there's a Sim ejector tool Carved into the emblem of Naruto's home Village a smoke tinted clear case a very Speedy charger that can fill the phone Completely in just 20 minutes from Flat Which is actually quite fitting for the Character who invented the most iconic Run of all time

Wow this is tasteful the design is Filled with references for the people Who are into Naruto but they've also Done that while keeping it neat and Sophisticated for the people who aren't I like the fact that you can match the Icons in your settings menu Automatically with the wallpaper you Choose and all of these animations are An absolute Joy I know what are you Doing he's literally treating the Packaging like a cat-sized yoga mat it's Not a yoga mat now while the device is Up until this point have been unique They're both mid-range phones so it's Time to step things up to flagships with The BMW phone made by the company IQ Where I've actually just understood what That brand means IQ does this mean I Don't have a lot of it you might know That most phone collaborations tend to End up being with camera companies as a Way to add artistic Flair to the photos You can capture but this is a rare Example of a phone so focused on speed That they instead decided to partner With the car company because cars are Fast So there's two interesting things about This one is the back panel which is made To feel like premium car seating using BMW's Alpine white color and their Iconic racing stripes and the second Thing is how it delivers on its focus on

Speed this is one of the first phones Ever to feature the Next Generation 2023 Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chip prepared with The next generation of storage called Ufs 4.0 and so if we pull up a Benchmarking app you can see that even Compared to recent 2022 flagships it's An enormous jump in power okay so this Is something that literally it's just Came out It literally just came out so exclusive With only 2 000 Global units total that You had to pay 50 euros just to reserve The option to pay for it and I have no Idea what it's about to look like this Is the Daniel arsham phone by xiaomi Ashram is also an artist but instead Famous for playing with the idea of what The Futures history is going to look Like so taking modern objects and Fossilizing and that makes the Smartphone kind of the perfect thing for Him to make given that it is the object That defines our current ERA man the Quality of this packaging is definitely A tear above they've even colored the Manuals the clear case is literally the Only not customized thing about it in Case you can't tell I'm really into this There's just so much care going into Phone's presentation and accessories and It's just refreshing compared to the Glorified empty sleeves that most phones Come in nowadays holy moly what xiaomi

Have done with this artist is used a Powerful laser to basically scrape away Bits of glass really carefully creating Multiple layers with each having its own Look and what's more impressive its own Now whether you think it's a good one or A bad one is totally up to you but that Is a piece of art for sure the body Actually feels like aged copper with the Shiny bits being like Crystal formations And then the protrusions just like the Bronze metal that they're trying to feel Like well they've actually managed to Make a nice Parallax wallpaper and then The software theming is it's simple but This is how I think it should be done Most icon packs get so carried away just Over embellishing just a few icons that There's no way that that effort can Actually be applied to every single icon And so you end up with this really Obvious jarring gap between the icons That have been given lots of love and Then those that have been given none Moving up to twelve hundred dollars it's Time for the spectacle phones The Limited Editions that have the budget to Go all in on the theme and oh Batman Begins this is such a fitting theme for A gaming spec monster phone like this Given how much we know Batman loves his Cutting Edge tools and maybe fortnite Mobile too oh I am so keeping this Briefcase so on the left we've got the

Charger for those who damn Dare to do what played Clash of Clans on Their mobile there's a Batman embossed Insert which has a case inside no Manuals mind you Batman doesn't use Those that's such a cool Sim ejector Tool wait they even gave you a stand to Hold it in well that's a first and then On the far right no joke an actual desk Size bat signal this is what would be Used as a distress call projected in the Sky to summon Batman himself all right Let's see if it works Don't know what happened there try that Again oh that actually is cool Surprisingly bright as well for such a Tiny bowl and then this smartphone which Is based off the Asus Rog phone 6. It's not a Crazy Design it's Surprisingly elegant oh I've just Realized that's a not for sale sticker That's even more elegant now and it Works really well with this case which Is a window to allow the Batman Backlight to shine through this startup Screen goes hard that might be the first Time that sentence has ever been spoken We've got Batman wallpapers these tacky Kind of sci-fi looking icons how the Lock screen is like a storm in motion And even your fingerprint scanner Becomes a batarang what happens when you Plug it in Hey not that

Are you giving up oh and when all hope Is lost And turn on X mode where it maximizes The performance and the sky and the logo On the back they go red okay we're in The top three now the rarest most Expensive phones on the internet and so It's kind of fitting that this next one Also by Asus is based off the Diablo Immortal game which has been endlessly Criticized for what can only be Described as predatory monetization not Gonna lie though this presentation looks Like anything but a cash grab I've never Seen a cable and charger wrapped up like This and the back is a map of an area Called Sanctuary from the game wait There's something else underneath it um Why is there a torch okay I've just Looked it up apparently this is going to Reveal something that's hidden on our Map that's incredible it's highlighting All the hilly areas in the mainland I Don't know what would happen if you try This on a techno friend no way actually Works I don't know why I'm surprised it Is science it just keeps getting better Though the phone comes embedded inside Of something called the world Stone Which in the game is the object that Angels and Demons fight over because it Contains immense power wait I thought I Open it is this like part of the game Come on open oh so that wasn't meant to

Happen it seems like the Sim ejector Tool was blocking it but anyway here's Our phone Oh my gosh okay this design was worth The wait oh nearly missed the case I do Appreciate that Asus actually puts some Effort into cases and doesn't just give You a clear piece of plastic they've Actually hidden reference inside the Case as well they've done a very good Job of making you feel like a badass I'm Saying it right now aside from Navy Oppo Asus is going down as the current MVP of Limited edition phones they've even Created a custom finish here called Hellfire red that uses multiple glass Layers to reflect light like fire it's Not very often that you also see extra Detailing on the cameras like this It up this is such a hype way to start Your phone okay that is probably my Favorite fingerprint scanning animation Ever so the icons on the wallpaper are Not the best Stretching it Oh the fire is too cool and apparently These unique Edition phones also have Unique call screens okay try calling me I mean I have no idea what this is but It's extremely hyped can you imagine you Pick a phone up and they're just like Asking you to get milk from the Supermarket all right so I mentioned That Oppo was kind of the leader of cool

Limited Edition phones well it's time to See why and I am very very excited about This one I somehow managed to miss the Entirety of Game of Thrones while people Were actually watching it but pretty Soon I'm gonna watch the entire nine Seasons for the first time beginning to End with my girlfriend Also I love dragons all right so first Thing is a scroll it looks like it's Kind of linking everything that's within The box with the world of Game of Thrones kind of cool probably didn't Need half the Box just for that but this Draw is where the fun begins there's a Golden keychain that is the coolest Sim Ejector tool I've ever seen and it's Going straight into my Jurassic Park Dinosaur wallet I promise I'm 27 years old they're given A case that's maybe the highest quality Case I've ever seen included with a Phone they've said it's inspired by Dragon skin and then an egg apparently The Egg of the next apparently the egg Apparently the Apparently the Egg of the next dragon And the sum to the channel would be Exquisite And then the phone which hmm I mean on One hand we've already had more than Enough cool stuff in this box on the Other hand it's a shame that this does Feel like the weakest part of the

Experience basically just a standard Oppo Renault 8. a huge camera module on The back I actually quite like it Aesthetically it's got a really nice Borderless screen wow is this a Fingerprint magnet this is actually Quite cool for me um the last Oppo Renault phone I ever covered was the Oppo Renault 3. so seeing them five Generations later and how much of an Improvement this is design Wise It's Very tricky in a very weird kind of way I'm almost proud of them but now it's Time for the secret Samsung phone and Actually maybe the most expensive Samsung phone ever made yeah this isn't Gonna work as a filming machine no my Dragon my next dragon I feel this Oh Much better so you might have heard About Samsung z44 it's already an Insanely expensive phone at around Sixteen hundred dollars but it's not Actually their best foldable that award Belongs to what is inside this crate It's called the w23 it's only released In China because I guess the Chinese Have taken more to foldables than the Rest of the world has and as I've come To learn Samsung does not want anyone Outside of China to get one I can't even Wedge it in there you can try looking For it it's genuinely impossible we Actually had to hire a middleman just to

Be able to get it to us which made it Even more expensive than the 2580 that The base phone itself already costs Let's try this side you'll be relieved To know this is actually my first time Using a crowbar I think we're actually Just gonna have to hack it oh that Worked it's a little bit overkill for a Smartphone this is the kind of packaging You imagine shipping a million dollar Art piece over it good thing I just Finished a fitness transformation There we go I mean just now realizing There is a massive fragile sticker on The front however I believe our phone Safe beautiful packaging okay Let's get inside China's getting Absolutely treated here the z-fold 4 Literally comes in a standard flat pack No charger box and then you've got this I can't find my knife so I'm going to Open this with raw power There we go I wonder if in China it's Still more of a special event to get a New phone compared to the west where It's very procedural maybe that's why They spent so much effort dressing it up It says like actually metal in the box Splits in half to open I even lift the Middle compartment up Big insert here no way it comes with its Own special black and gold case matte Finish and it's actually got the stylus Inside of it sorry S Pen what is this

Well I'm not going to find out by Reading these manuals I've got a Sim Ejector tool and a USBC cable Samsung Care Plus I wonder if that covers what We did to the delivery box Insert final little box which has would You believe it a charger time for a 2580 Peel I'm enjoying every second of this so They've swapped out the glass that used To be on the back for ceramic which Helps it get rid of its internal heat Faster this whole black and gold color Scheme is meant to symbolize prosperity And power I've just realized it's ribbed In the middle for her pleasure Not to mention that they've upped the Ram from 12 gigabytes on Samsung's best Global foldable to 16 gigs here the pen Is super responsive just like all of Samsung's recent devices but I guess it Feels especially good because it came Included See how good the camera is now you might Have heard of the Rhino Shield solid Suit phone case I've only been banging On about it for the last two years well Here's the interesting bit It's just been upgraded it's now easier To put on and take off it can be cleaned Easier it's grippier there's even an Option now for magsafe compatibility and This is my favorite bit about Rhino Shield cases

It's even more customizable you can Change the buttons you can choose the Camera ring you can choose from what Feels like a million different designs All the way from Naruto to Dragon Ball I Actually really like that this w23 Splits the camera controls into two Different screens you can get the solid Suit for iPhones you can get it for many Androids or if you'd rather just stop Your phone being dropped in the first Place you can get to the grip I've Literally been handing these out to Every single person I know and I haven't Had a single complaint and for the Holidays you can use the code Mr holiday For 20 off in the first week of this Video going live

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