World’s FIRST FIREPROOF phone! 🔥

I'm gonna make world's first fireproof Phone then I'm gonna test it is that Meant to be that big so for the base I'm Using a fireproof document bag it might Not look like much but the combination Of the fiberglass exterior and aluminum Interior is capable of withstanding up To a thousand degrees Celsius look at That work of art now we just got to Stick it onto the phone I'm quite proud Of that so our protected phone goes in One stand and an unprotected version of The same phone goes in the other it's Time to burn please do not try this at Home There goes nothing oh my gosh that is Crazy the stands on fire you can see the Film underneath the glass coming apart As well safe to say that phone is dead Whoa okay so can our phone withstand That it's literally deflecting it oh my God this stands on fire again Maybe I should have wrapped the stand Too because the phone still work that's The question it lived to tell the tale

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