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[Music] [Music] Thank you Thank you remember [Music] Hi everyone this is pro robots and we Are here in Long Beach California today The final testing happening in a a Avatar Express competition this Competition is sponsored by Japanese Airline company a a that's why it's Called a a avatar X prize the Japanese Company actually wanted to boost Development of Avatar system Technologies that could transport People to remote locations without Leaving their homes so it could be used For remote work for example for mining In very dangerous places or to check Equipment placed in remote locations to Fix it in the future it could be used Also for travels to the Mars or to the Moon not not leaving your home this is How it started in 2018 78 teams were submitted to the Competition only 37 Made it to the semi-finals and today 17 Teams compete for the Grand Prix 17 Teams got to the finals and today we Will find out who will win Grand Prix of 8 million dollars first team will get 5 Million the second 2 million and the Last one third one one million dollars There we go nice now curl your bottom

Fingers [Music] [Music] I can literally All right [Music] Now [Music] [Music] Okay when you push itself [Music] It's A heavy baby [Music] Foreign And our team is Dragon Tree lives we are From Singapore some of us located in Dubai we started as a small group of People that were inspired by The Challenge itself over the last two years More people gathered and don't join us Our Avatar system focused on human to Human communication keeping eye contact Feeling the human behind the system it Can basically repeat many of normal Human actions like moving seeing hearing Talking taking the objects and leaving Imagining measuring its weights we Believe in the future where everybody Adopts telepresence system in their Day-to-day life using their conventional Video calls in the telepresence way Feeling the 3D effects we are going to Release our product uh next year 2023

And we believe that it going to be a Mass-market product Which is not bad and how do you feel About it we are excited actually We're one of the two com two teams which Are not University uh Affiliated teams Uh and our team and uh India Robert are Just two teams who are Doing some commercial building we do our Video communication device they have uh This is a part of from the from the Robot I will show you the picture I have one picture which is also Symbolic Now let me show you yeah here it is you Can you can see This is a picture was drafted this is a Sketch uh was done before the Competition I mean in the middle of competition when We're talking with our Tech Team how to Perceive human to human communication How people can feel not not the robot But the human behind the robot we come Up with this idea yeah thanks to Competition [Music] Foreign Foreign [Music] Behind me one of the team is trying to Complete the assignments so there are Several things that they have to do so Operator is remotely control Avatar

System which is going through the Message in Mars kind of Mars looking Environment and the robot has to reach The power switch and operator remotely Has to turn it on and yeah [Music] And then there are manipulation of Several objects they have to put Canister to lift up and put in different Vacations then they need to identify Some rocks understand which one which Which one of them they have to pick up So there are several tasks like eight or Nine I I will have to check and There are several points maximum amount Of points they have that they can get is 15 and it's not just about completing Tasks it's also about how a curator Feels what is the experience of a Curator and what is the experience of Recipient and and so operator is Actually a judge it's not like the super Trained they have only 45 minutes to Train how to manipulate the Avatar Systems for yours and Testing and not many of them like very User-friendly or intuitive this is 15 Points will come from a judge who will Give points for this experience how easy It was how what is what visibility was And so on and one part of porns will Come from completing the tasks so good Luck to our teams and we'll see who will Be the best

I've seen a lot of people who don't know What work is I've seen a lot of people Who don't know what thirst is I've had a Taste of evil and tried to cure the Sickness In third place with 14.5 points and a Time of 21 minutes and nine seconds I'd Like to welcome from Boston team Northeastern [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] T and I'm on team Northeastern our team Is from Boston Massachusetts we all met At Northeastern University in Boston Working in our Research Laboratories Where we are undergraduate and graduate Students we are the only team with high Hydraulic Ray system and this allows for Very fluid and precise motion the Operator controls the mobility of our Avatar via an EXO glove and an EXO arm That we develop all within house and on Top of that we have developed a foot Pedal that drives our system for the Omnidirectional Drive our operator is Actually able to feel the haptics Through something called force feedback So when they move their finger across a Rock or across a rough surface they're Able to instantly feel that texture we Are most excited for the live audience

That is going to be able to witness our System perform the tasks in the course Provided to us and along with that if we Are lucky enough to take home some prize Money we could even spin off our our Ideas into a startup How does it feel it feels very good we Put into a lot of hard work had a lot of Great competition and it was just an Amazing experience overall so we're very Lucky we would have been grateful even If we didn't win but we're very happy That we were able to place in the top Story the second place and a prize of Two million dollars I'd like to call up my friends from Bordeaux France With a score perfect score of 15 15 Points and a time of going through this Very complicated course in 10 minutes And 50 seconds Team pollen [Applause] [Music] My name is Remy Faber and my team is Pauline robotics my team is from France Bordeaux our Avatar system is unique Because we aim at making a robot that is Affordable a robot that is a product we Made it from the ground up using some of The shop components but most of them we Did ourselves we did the arm ourselves We did model base ourselves we believe Our Competitive Edge is that we build

Most of our robot so we can fine tune Almost anything we need to Target this Competition for example our model by Base can move sideways and we can make It very fast or very accurate also our Arm has an articulation that's very very Special it's called Orbiter and it's Actually a pool three-dimensional Rotation that you can you can use we're Excited to be here to prove that we can Achieve useful stuff to the robot Without having it cost millions of Dollars How do you feel now that that run was Done it was such success I feel great But then also I lost like five years of Life expectancy so yeah So now what point throughout that run Because it was Blazing fast one of the Fastest times we've also seen at what Point did you start to get a little bit Nervous through that oh yeah I I started Getting a little bit nervous at the First second of the run and then every Time it goes it got worse really when Things started getting bad where when we Got the uh the drill I believe something Broke on the right arm and then Alison The judge realized that and then changed The arm which was incredible like having A hardware failure like that and being Able to complete the mission is Incredible so let's cue up some of those Highlights but in terms of the grips are

They the same on the right and the left Hand because I know they were designed Specifically for the drill yeah both are Symmetric both are able to do all of the Tasks Um yeah so that that gives an extra Layer of robustness to our system Well here's a look as you see Richie Currently reaching for that lever got That done and then wow what speed Through this I mean one of the fastest We've had on this course so it's so fun To see this now in terms of application I know that this is a kit used for so Much research that's been sent around so What is the application for the future Of this system So but the difference between one of our What the other robots and ours is that Our robot is actually a product so we Wanted to thanks for joining to be a Solution that's both affordable and use Useful in the real world applications Include all of the HRI research but we Want to Target manipulation robot Manipulation so in the few months the Following month will develop a grasping Toolkit so that we can go beyond the Operation towards automatic grasping and Here's the big moment I know this is the One that got you most excited right here The ball was wasn't coming out like I Was dying like just come out And then this is also really neat you

Actually saw the arm actually brush Along the length of the rock so did that Haptic feedback work in the way that You'd hoped it had indeed the idea is That you have a fingernail that will Scratch the the rocks and then you'll Have a feeling in your arm that they Will copy that vibration and I believe Allison our Jones had that feeling Recognized the stone which of course you Can see but you you get the points only If the haptic feedback was enough to Identify and I believe it was Um [Applause] [Applause] Greetings Jerry welcome to Planet X Now we have a very difficult Mission Here in front of you and it will involve A lot of operator skill to complete Foreign [Music] [Music] Our team with the Perfect Score 15 Points and the absolutely insane time of 5 minutes and 50 seconds our friends From Bond Germany team nimro All right [Music] [Music] My name is Sven being here I'm the steam Name bro most of the team members are PhD students from my autonomous Intelligence system school at University

Of pond Germany our system is unique Mainly because of two things first we Move the camera of the Avatar as the Operator is moving their head and then We have a trained new network that Reconstructs an animated face of the Operator And that gives the recipient really the Feeling that the operator is actually Inside the robot I think we have a Competitive Edge because we have Experience with such competitions we are Happy to be part of the finals and we Are looking forward to showing the jury Members what we developed Foreign I think we have been lucky to have Tremendous operator judges who were Sitting in the driver's seat and being Every day faster than the previous day Solving all the tasks and of course that Wouldn't be possible without the Tremendous team being able to resolve All the difficulties that we had and we Really appreciate to had the chance to Participate at this great event thank You Thank you so much Sven Congratulations to team nimro and all The teams a huge round of applause for An incredible success From a question about teleportation to This moment it's a wild ride for Everyone at xprize at a a and avatari

And for nimro for all of the teams that Competed [Music] Foreign

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